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Percentage Calculator Type 1

The example of calculation below:

What is the 28 percent of 247.
The formula is:   28/100×247=69.16%

What is % of ?



Percentage Calculator Type 2

The examples of calculations below:

 22 is what percent of 125.
The formula is:  22/125×100=17.59%

is what percent of ?

Result %


Percentage Calculator Type 3

The example of percentage increase calculation:

What is the percentage increase between 35% and 48%.
 The formula is: 48-35/35×100=37.14%

The example of percentage decrease calculation:

What is the percentage decrease between 18% and 22%.
 The formula is: 22-18/18×100=22.22%

What is the percentage increase/decrease
from to ?

Result %

More Percentage Calculators Below

is % of what number?

Increase by % = ?

Decrease by % = ?

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4 Responses

  1. this is ok
    but when i type in my questions and the calculator shows me the answer the only thing is i dont know if it worked out the answer by decreasing or incresing so plz tell me 2 ansers one by decresing and one by increasing thx!

    1. Thanks for your comment !
      Usually if the number is decreasing you will see the “-” minus sign before the number.
      But this will not work for percentage increase/decrease calculation.
      For ex.:
      From 18% to 35% percentage increase/decrease = 94.44% ( 35 – 18 / 18 × 100 = 94.44% )
      So how to know the number is increasing or decreasing, that is very easy. If first number (the number in from field ) is small than second number (the number in to field) that is means that work out number is decreasing, otherwise increasing.
      I hope this will help you.
      I will think about to create separate calculations for percentage decreasing and percentage increasing.
      Thanks for your advice!

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